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Launched in September 2018, Frame is the new ideal tool to manage and develop a video content strategy.

More than 6000 videos in 6 different languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese.

Very soon will be available also:
Turkish, Polish, Serbian, German, Bulgarian and Thai.

Frame is our absolute innovation on an international level

It’s a multimedia catalogue that allows, in a fast way, to have a ready video content that is already usable to improve your own video strategies.

We update the video catalog daily with our content production, based on the most engaging topics of the moment.

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Your daily video source

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Take a look at our editorial offer, and choose the ideal video content for your content strategy.

Access Frame with this credentials:

  • User Name: preview
  • Password: test

Our Catalogue

If you want to have further information on the editorial format types present in Frame, download our presentation.
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